For Over 60 Years, the World’s ‘Dirtiest’ Man Didn’t Shower – His explanation is shocking.

There are billions of individuals on the planet, and most of their lives are so dissimilar to ours that it’s difficult to imagine them. One of those stories is this one. It tells the story of a man whose life was completely different. Continue reading to learn more. Most people, regardless of nation of origin, like taking a shower or bath. Some people disagree on how many times a week a person should shower, but they all agree on the need of doing so regularly.

Amou Haji, on the other hand, had a different opinion. He chose to go 67 years without showering. And the late Persian man claimed to have good grounds for doing so. He lived alone in Iran and hadn’t bathed in almost 60 years. His favorite food was roadkill, and he was supposed to sip animal feces from a pipe. He was thought to have been born in 1928 in the Iranian town of Dez Gah. Because no one knew what his real name was, he was dubbed “Amou Haji,” which translates as “old man.”

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According to legend, he became a hermit after losing his love. His residence was supposed to be composed of cinder blocks and was located on the outskirts of town. Nobody seemed to mind his presence. When he thought his head and beard hair were getting too long, he burned them off with fire. That was the only “hygiene” he was concerned with. His hair and face were both gray.

Despite not always keeping himself clean, he lived to be 94 years old and appeared to be in good health throughout his life. Many people assumed the old man was terrified of water, but he wasn’t when it came to drinking it. According to reports, he drank up to 5 liters of water per day from a filthy tin can. He preferred to forage for food on the ground. Others would bring him fresh food, but he would always prefer to forage for his own.

He even stated that he preferred roadkill and that porcupines were his favorite. He was said to devour rotting or old roadkill flesh, even if it was still whole. He also pipe-smoked animal dung. He was also believed to enjoy cigarettes, and he was once seen smoking several at the same time. His cleanliness and eating were both suspect, but he was believed to be healthy anyway. In fact, he died a few months after neighbors persuaded him to take a bath, at the age of 94.

Dr. Gholamreza Molavi of the School of Public Health at Tehran University of Medical Sciences examined the elderly man before he died. Surprisingly, despite his lifestyle, he was in good health. He did, however, contract trichinosis, a parasitic disease carried by food. This came as no surprise given his penchant for devouring dead animals on the side of the road. In any case, it had little impact on his health. Amou Haji’s life is undeniably interesting. What came to mind as you read about his life? Let us know in the comments, and SHARE this article with your family and friends!

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