The father abandoned this child after Birth. The reason will shock you!

Young couples may have difficulties in family planning due to compatibility issues or health concerns. When standard procedures fail, couples may turn to IVF as a last alternative. Regrettably, not everyone can afford the high expense of this treatment, causing others to seek loans to fulfill their parental dreams.

Despite financial sacrifices, success remains unpredictable, and the use of donor cells does not ensure positive outcomes. In one such case, one of my friends went to work as normal. When the maternity ward called, the entire team sprung into action.

A pregnant woman came in the neighborhood, accompanied by her mother, mother-in-law, and legal husband. They had miscarriages in earlier pregnancies, thus this was their first child. The newborn came in good health, but with a leg abnormality that required surgery.

Following the diagnosis, the father expressed his displeasure in the postoperative ward and separated himself from the child, causing emotional pressure for the mother. With no family support, including grandparents dealing with the rejection and the father’s rage, the woman faced significant challenges in caring for a newborn baby who was unacknowledged by his father. What are your taughts about this story.

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