A 50-year-old woman became a mother after 16 years of unsuccessful attempts

Louise Warnford, an Englishwoman, was always envious of the joyful mothers who appeared to surround her wherever she went. She also wished to become a mother, but nature oddly opposed this. Louise opted to use in vitro fertilization after realizing she couldn’t conceive naturally. However, the embryo failed to establish root. Louise then repeated the operation seventeen more times.

Doctors attempted to encourage the woman to abandon her futile attempts, explaining that her body’s defenses, which are controlled by natural killer cells (NK cells), are extremely active. They see each new embryo as a threat, so they assault and destroy it, preventing it from taking root and developing. However, the woman refused to listen and insisted that the professionals do their jobs. She had spent over 80,000 pounds (more than six million rubles) on all attempts and was not going to quit or give up.

Warnford beat nature in her forty-seventh year of life. She became pregnant, and despite being regularly monitored by doctors and fearing that each new day would bring her another disappointment, the fetus continued to develop.— I had a cesarean at 37 weeks, — explains Louise, — because the next inspection revealed abnormalities with the body. Neither the doctors nor I could take any chances, so my little William was born. I am confident he will be an excellent person because his birth was difficult for me, which is worth something.

The woman never gets tired of thanking Dr. Hassan Shehat, the director and founder of the Center for Reproductive Immunology and Pregnancy, for his assistance, who supported and accompanied her throughout the process.— I’d like to address all of the women who have given up on becoming mothers.

“Be confident in your abilities, and you will succeed,” advises Louise. — It is only because of my perseverance that I now have a full-fledged family, and every time I look into my son’s eyes, I am reminded of how fortunate I was to not give up and insist on my own. Believe me, it’s worthwhile!

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