A man’s stepdaughter made fun of a waiter at a fancy restaurant, but her mother reacted differently than he did.

After his stepdaughter made fun of a waiter in front of a busy restaurant, the man felt the need to teach her a lesson. He was shocked when his wife supported her daughter. This made him feel bad about himself.A man put his story on Reddit so that other people could help him figure out if what he did was wrong. His mixed-race family chose to treat themselves to a fancy meal because it was their first time out together in a while.

Things were going well until a server brought out one of the meals in the middle of dinner. The waiter tripped while bringing the plate to the customer.The man lost his hold on the food, and some of it fell on Hailey, his granddaughter. It was clear that the food spilled on her dress hurt it. It was rude of Hailey to treat the waiter badly. The waiter said sorry right away, but Hailey was furious. She started yelling insults at the man, who was clearly upset about what had happened.

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“Why are you a [expletive] waiter if you can’t even keep your eyes on the road?” You don’t get paid much, so I thought you’d be more careful!” “She was shouting, and almost everyone was looking at us now,” he wrote. He told Hailey she needed to say sorry for what she said, but she wouldn’t. Hailey said she didn’t need to say sorry because the waiter was the one who ruined her dress. The man asked his sister to say sorry over and over, but she wouldn’t.

The man felt beaten and told his stepdaughter that he would not pay for her meal because he could not make her say sorry. Hailey yelled when he told her to leave the place. The man’s wife started to scold him after Hailey left the place. She thought he was being unfair to Hailey, which meant she thought he was exaggerating.The man couldn’t believe his wife was on the side of her daughter. He went to Reddit to find out what people thought about what he did, and they told him it was wrong.

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“Clearly, your stepdaughter did something wrong, and you were right to punish her.” She can’t be good? She won’t be there then. “She should not have been so rude to punch someone who made an honest mistake,” one person wrote.”If her mother’s reaction to her awful behavior was to get mad at OP for admonishing her, then something tells me the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” someone said.

Some workers read the story and talked about how they would feel if they were the man. One previous server said, “I’ve been a server too, and nobody deserves to be treated like crap for what was a real accident.” A lot of people on Reddit said Hailey should work in customer service to learn her lesson. It would help her understand how hard it is to work as a server by putting her in their shoes.

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In the end, everyone agreed with the dad and even praised him for how he handled the issue. They thought his niece was acting badly and that her mother let her. Stepparents can find it hard to know what to do when it comes to their stepchildren, especially if their spouses don’t like it when the stepparent is training the child. The man in this story thought it was only right to do something about the way his niece was acting. At the end of the day, she was his daughter just as much as his other kids were.

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