Cream Cheese Cake

People who have been following our recipes for a long time may already know that we love cream cheese. It’s thick and creamy, and it makes a lot of different foods taste sinfully good. There are many baked things we’ve made with cream cheese, but this light and airy cake is the first one this author has made with it. When the thought came to me, I knew I had to test it right away. After some attempts, I present to you the best Cream Cheese Cake ever.

You will need two whole packages of cream cheese for this recipe. Yes, we’re not skimping on the good stuff. There will be one for the batter and one for the rich filling. To keep the frosting the right consistency, wait until the cake is completely cool before spreading it on. When the cake is done, put it in the fridge until you’re ready to serve it. It tastes even better when it’s cold!

You can make this cake for someone who loves cream cheese or for any event that calls for a sweet treat. Because it’s white, it’s also a great choice for wedding events. You can’t go wrong with this treat! You’ll agree with me after you try it.

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