“Everyone laughed when this grandmother sat down at the piano. Everyone was shocked when she started to play!”

Nicole Trailing is the name of this amazing woman, and she lives in Melbourne, Australia. Natalie’s life was very hard.She was born in Australia to parents who came from Croatia in the 1940s. In 1993, she went to Melbourne and got a job at a motel. It didn’t last long, though, and Natalie lived on the streets for 9 years.

She went to a music shop a lot and was able to play the piano there. That’s where people first noticed how talented she was. When people first saw an old woman sitting at the piano, they laughed. They smiled at first, but when they heard her play, they were amazed. Natalie plays the piano in the lobby of a big hotel where she works.

She still goes to her favorite music shop every once in a while to play just for fun, though. Her playing is truly beautiful. Even though she has arthritis, her fingers move so smoothly over the keys.

That’s what real skill looks like! Watch the movie to see this amazing older woman perform one of her own songs…

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