People show off the cute granny flat they made from an old, run-down garage. Take a tour inside

Fixing up the walls and floors of an old garage is only the beginning of turning it into a lovely granny flat. It’s a journey of making a forgotten place into something amazing. It’s amazing to see how this garage went from being ignored to being updated.

Inside the shabby garage turned into beautiful granny flat.

It’s a beautiful place to live thanks to the smart design, carefully chosen materials, and hard work.The Ayons’ garage is turned into a beautiful, fully functional granny flat in a cool movie by Caitlin Bigelow from Maxable Space.

Granny flat's bedroom with built-in cabinet, windows, and a large bed.

The transformation is mind-blowing! Becca and Anthony first wanted to build a cute granny flat, also known as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), and their garage looked like the right place to do it.ADUs are usually built to make extra money or to house a family. For this couple, it was a good investment. Even though their garage was a mess, professionals told them it could be fixed.As a result? A stylish 370-square-foot space that’s great for a simple but stylish way of life.

Granny flat's fridge at the kitchen.

Caitlin says that the fancy glass doors are cool. They are very expensive, but they make the house look great and connect the inside and outside wonderfully. This cozy living room looks like it was never a garage from the inside. The bedroom is quiet and has a bed big enough for two people.Take a look at the movie below to see how the old garage was turned into a lovely granny flat.

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