A store clerk kicks out a boy in rags from his store. Later, he regrets his decision when he follows him and hears him telling the story about why he wanted to buy a doll.

A store worker kicks a boy in dirty clothes out of his business. When he later follows him and hears him talk about why he wanted to buy a doll, he feels bad about what he did. Jake, who was little, went into a toy shop and picked out a doll from the front row. He was only five years old and didn’t know where to look for the price, so he turned the doll over and over in his hands for a long time. When he still couldn’t figure it out, he went up to the store clerk, Connery Franklin, and asked how much it cost.

Jake said, “Hello, sir,” with a big smile. “Can you please tell me the price of this doll?””It’s $25, boy!” When Jake’s ragged clothes caught Connery’s attention, he spoke up in a loud voice and gave him a stern look. “Do you have the cash on you?” “Of course!” Jake was sure of himself as he took a dollar bill and some change out of his pocket. “Here! “Look, I have a lot of money!”Sean Connery laughed.

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“Your joking me, boy?” It’s not even $2! With that money, you might be able to buy a doll from a side stand. Move along, I don’t have all day to spare.” “Hold on! Could I use this money to buy any other dolls?” Jake asked with interest. “You see, I’ve been saving all of this money for a long time, and if I buy a doll, EVERYTHING will be fine.” “Look, kid, don’t waste my time,” Connery told the boy. “Leave right away if you don’t have the money for that doll. You’re making our customers scared!”

“But please, I need to buy the doll.” It’s—” Connery hit little Jake hard before he could finish his words. “Do I have to tell you over and over that you can’t afford it?” Get going!” Jake stood there with the doll in his hands and didn’t move. Connery grabbed Jake’s hand and dragged him out of the store. The little boy begged again through tears, but Connery slammed the door in his face.

But it hit Connery as he moved the dolls around on the shelf. Why would a boy buy a doll? What did he mean when he said that if he bought it, everything would be fine? As he rushed outside to find out why the boy was so eager to get the doll, he saw him with a police officer. He hid behind a wall and watched the boy cry as he told the police officer about his sick mother. Jake was crying, so Officer Beckett asked him, “What’s your name, young man? And why are you crying?”

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The boy said, “My name is Jake,” in between sobs. “I bought my sister a doll here.” I didn’t have enough cash, though. The officer kindly wiped the boy’s tears and told him, “You’re a great brother Jake. Good kids don’t cry.” There’s no need to feel bad about not being able to buy your sister the doll. “Tell her you tried to get one for her. She’ll love you for being a caring brother.””No, she won’t!” Jake said with force.

“Why not?” Officer Beckett asked. “Because she is now in heaven.” Two years ago, she went to heaven. I planned to get her a doll and send it to her because she liked them. They told my mom she’s going to heaven soon while she was in the hospital. I was going to tell her to bring the doll home so my sister could play with it. Officer Beckett turned away from Jake because his eyes hurt from tears.

At the same time, Connery heard everything and broke down in tears as he ran into the shop. After a short time, he ran out to Jake with the doll in his arms. “Praise God you’re still here! I’m sorry, kid! I found out I gave you the wrong price while putting the toys on the shelf. We’re giving away the doll for $1 today, and it’s on sale. Jake jumped with joy. “Are you sure?” Then can I buy the doll?”

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“You can!” Join me.” He took Jake’s small hand in his and went to the cashier. “Please make sure this doll is well packed for our little customer.” It’s a unique gift for someone. The checker looked at the doll’s price and then at Jake’s stack of coins and dollar bill. It was Connery who asked, “Are you sure he’ll be able to afford the doll?”
“Yes, he can.” Our little guy has a lot of cash!

Jake, don’t you?” Connery asked the boy as he quietly took $24 out of his pocket and gave it to the teller. He smiled at Jake and took the money from him. The cashier smiled at Jake and quickly packed the doll. “Have a good day, young man!” Keep coming back for more!” Jake liked the doll and was thankful to Connery and the cashier. He was happy to leave the shop with it in his hands.

He was asked by Officer Beckett to walk him home, but Jake said he lived around the corner and would go by himself. Connery quietly cried as Jake walked away. He couldn’t understand why life had to be so cruel to such a young boy.

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