A woman discovered her husband’s infidelity when she stumbled upon luxurious eyewear in the kitchen of their home.

On the r/relationship_advice section of Reddit, a woman talked about how she found out her husband was cheating on her. The OP said that she found expensive glasses for women on the table in her kitchen. When she asked her husband and oldest son about them, they lied to her. The OP said that her husband had told her that he was talking to another woman about something and that the other woman was much better than his wife.

“I told him it was pointless and hurtful to compare her to me in order to compliment her,” OP wrote. He said that I was being harsh and jealous, and that what he said didn’t mean anything. He didn’t say anything else about it after that, so I forgot about it. The next day, the OP found pricey glasses for women in the kitchen. Because she was picking them up, she asked her husband and oldest son who they belonged to. Her husband said he didn’t know, and her oldest son said they belonged to his friend Allison.


Then OP said she would give the glasses back to her because she didn’t think a child should have such expensive glasses. OP wrote, “Alison’s mother confirmed that they weren’t her daughter’s and that neither she nor her daughter owned sunglasses like that.” As she talked about the glasses again with her husband and oldest son, she said, “My son went from saying he was sure they were Alison’s to saying, ‘Maybe not. Maybe I don’t know who’s they are.’

“Then my husband said, “He does remember taking our son’s sunglasses out of his backpack while he was getting his lunch.” The next day, her youngest son said he recognized the glasses because they belonged to Noelle, the woman her husband had compared her to and praised the breakfast for. When the OP heard it, her heart skipped a beat. When her husband got home from work, she challenged him and wrote, “My husband didn’t move them because he thought they were mine, rather than hers.

Premium Photo | Disappointed wife looking at husband after she finds he is cheating  with another woman. heated angry frustrated offended irritated accusing her  man of infidelity showing him messages.

” My older son knew right away who they were, which is why he lied about having them. He tried to hide the fact that he knew I was about to find out everything. As OP gave the glasses back to Noelle, the owner, she found out that Noelle’s husband had lied to Noelle that he and his wife were about to split up. “She looked really confused and asked me why I would care if we were split up anyway,” the OP wrote.Then she talked to her. When both women found out that their husbands had lied to them, they were crushed.

In response to OP’s question, her husband said he wasn’t sure how he felt about Noelle. He also said that if he knew for sure, he would tell his wife the truth, but he was afraid of losing her. Then OP and Noelle both left him when they found out he was lying. The OP said that she is getting a divorce and will only talk to him through their lawyers from now on.

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