Close friends confirm Kate Middleton’s been moved from Windsor. Pray for her

Kate Middleton has left Windsor for the first time since her tummy surgery. She will be unable to perform royal duties until after Easter. One close friend now claims the 42-year-old Princess of Wales is “on the mend,” which bodes well for her recovery. Kate spent the most of two weeks in the hospital after being admitted to the London Clinic last month for a private operation.

Kate Middleton's Surgery Reportedly Came as a Surprise to Friends of the Royal Family | Vanity Fair

There were immediately stories and suspicions about what had happened, but the future Queen of England was able to return to her family home in Windsor and has been recovering there away from the public eye ever since. A close friend of Kate’s has revealed that she will spend the half-term holiday with her family at the royal estate of Sandringham. This is new information on her health.

According to one of Catherine’s pals, “Catherine is recovering well.” The woman was eager for a change of scenery. In Norfolk, she will be able to unwind while the children enjoy fun with William. Kate’s health has been the subject of much speculation since the unexpected announcement that she would be undergoing abdominal surgery. Only a few details regarding her condition have been revealed, and the royal family has been characteristically quiet.

In reality, all we know for certain is that Kate had to stay in the hospital for 13 days following her surgery. Even though Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis were unable to meet their mother in person, Prince William remained by her side as often as possible during this period. According to Spanish media, Kate was put into a coma due to complications with her recuperation following surgery.

Kate Middleton Leaves Windsor for First Time Post-Surgery for Country Home

This made them even more concerned. Those rumors were soon dismissed by Kensington Palace, but it’s still unclear what Kate was suffering from that necessitated surgery. In any case, the news that the Princess of Wales is now fit enough to travel between Windsor and Sandringham will come as a comfort to royal enthusiasts who have closely followed Kate’s recuperation.

In addition, the Daily Mail reports that King Charles is also at Sandringham. He received his first cancer therapy earlier this week. The king and his daughter-in-law were both at the hospital at the same time, being treated for an enlarged prostate. In a later statement, the Palace confirmed that specialists had discovered a kind of malignancy.

Kate Middleton's Style Through the Years

They didn’t reveal what kind of cancer Charles had or what stage he was in, but they confirmed it wasn’t prostate cancer. Let us wish Kate Middleton and King Charles all the best as they go forward.

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