This Woman was terrified when I saw what my future daughter-in-law put in my son’s apple pie on their wedding day.

A week before her son’s wedding, Dorothy discovers that Eva, his fiancée, is preoccupied with creating fresh apple pies for him. However, on the day of the wedding, Dorothy discovers Blake in a questionable state, with all fingers pointing at the pie’s contents.The week before my son’s wedding was nothing short of unusual. Blake and Eva were staying with us while they saved up for their dream home.

They needed to save money after spending so much on their wedding. Danny and I had a large house — too spacious for just the two of us — so we were thrilled to welcome our son and his soon-to-be daughter-in-law. Eva has always been a beautiful girl, and I was excited to welcome her into our family. She was  kind and helpful, often racing around the home cleaning and cooking for the rest of us.Eva immediately found a new obsession: baking apple pies.Every day.

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At first, it was endearing—she did it just for Blake. I’m talking about a freshly cooked pie every evening. This lasted six days, with each pie magically disappearing inside their room. However, Eva never offered Danny or myself a slice. “Leave them alone, Dorothy,” Danny urged. “Maybe it means something to them.” On the morning of the wedding, I discovered my opportunity.

Eva left the crumbs of the most recent pie on the kitchen counter as she raced to the bathroom for her hair and beauty appointment. My curiosity got the best of me, so I lifted the pie crust to take a peep. What I saw made my stomach turn—a slimy, unidentified substance was put with the filling.I prodded it with a knife, hoping to figure out what it was. It looked like seaweed, but there was no way to be positive.

Alarms rung loudly in my head. With the pie in hand, I dashed inside Blake’s room, my heart racing. The door creaked open, revealing a spectacle I’ll never forget. He was lying motionless on his bed, with a plate of pie crumbs on the nightstand. I dropped the pie, and the dish shattered on the floor while I shouted for my husband to dial 911. Eva dashed forward, her eyes wide with horror.

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“What happened?” she gasped. “Don’t you know?” I suspected Eva, believing she had poisoned Blake. The next few hours were a jumble of sirens, flashing lights, and a flurry of uniforms as paramedics flooded our home. Blake had been poisoned, as I had suspected, and deadly compounds were running through his bloodstream. The true shock came when the physicians questioned Eva, who confessed!

Her confession, delivered amid weeping, portrayed a distorted image that was difficult to understand. “She,” Eva hissed. “She said it was a family tradition.” The doctor pressed on, asking Eva to elaborate. “My mother,” she sobbed, her hands trembling, “told me it was customary for a young woman to make her fiancé a fresh apple pie every day for a week leading up to the wedding, presumably to ensure a happy marriage.

She even gave me the secret ingredient! “I swear I didn’t realize it was poison.” She took a deep breath. “Why would I hurt him?” she questioned the audience. “Why would I hurt the one person who has always believed in me?” Eva’s family, it turned out, had been planning against the marriage since the outset. They saw Blake as a threat to the large sum of money he and Eva had been saving for their future.

What’s the special ingredient? Eva’s family chose a rare plant extract to carry out their horrific plot in the name of unity and love. “I was supposed to eat it too,” Eva said. “But it was such a rich pie, and I wanted to look nice in my outfit. So I didn’t eat very much of it. “Just the pastries.” The betrayal was profound, but something extraordinary occurred as a result.

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Eva refused to leave my son’s side while he was healing in the hospital, only going home to shower and change when I was present. However, Danny and I also found ourselves supporting Eva. She was also a victim, with those she trusted taking advantage of her inexperience. Eva’s cooperation and desire for justice enabled the police to grasp her family’s scheme, resulting in their prosecution.

Blake forgave Eva, explaining that his love for her was more than a mistake. “I find it romantic,” he laughed. “You wanted to butter me up with pie, but it almost killed me.” “How is that romantic?” she questioned Blake, appalled. “Because I survived,” he explained, grabbing her hand.Danny and I insisted on postponing the wedding, not out of doubt, but to demonstrate their unwavering love to each other.

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When Blake recovered, he and Eva stood before us, exchanging vows in a ceremony that was more intimate and heartfelt than I had imagined. Eva has genuinely become my daughter now, having turned her back on her family following their actions.

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