Dad and his adorable Baby Record Comedic Dance Routine

While it may not be considered “normal,” an increasing number of fathers are staying at home to raise their children while mothers work. According to the National At-Home Dad Network, 1.4 million fathers are now projected to be the major caregivers for their families’ children, a trend that was mostly unknown years before. Even if they don’t remain at home every day, 58 percent of fathers believe parenting is extremely important to their identity (Pew Research).

This suggests that the majority of married men with children do not define themselves based on their employment, breadwinner status, or hobbies and interests. Fatherhood is the most significant thing in these men’s lives. This could imply that they are hands-on parents who are involved in all aspects of childrearing, including day-to-day care.

This practice is positively impacting the way children are reared in general. Children perceive both of their parents as nurturers, which hopefully means that they will grow up knowing that parenting may be done by either father or mother. Parents are role models for their children, and if parents split household responsibilities, they may show their children that they can grow up to be anything they want to be, whether it’s a stay-at-home parent or a career-focused provider.

This bond can be especially meaningful for fathers and daughters. If a young girl has a positive relationship with her father, it can influence her future interactions with males. While it is a wonderful bonus, their good relationship also signifies a stronger family bond, as well as a sense of security and satisfaction.

The father in this video is clearly trying to build a positive relationship with his young daughter. He’ll also make sure they both look good while doing it. Mom doesn’t have to worry about leaving dad and the baby at home while she runs errands; they’ll have a good time and make the internet happy in the process.

When Dad is in Charge || ViralHog - YouTube

As soon as mom is out the door, dad places the baby in a Baby Bjorn and ensures that they both wear their really fashionable shades. Then he turns up the music and they demonstrate their deadly routines, including a moonwalk. This is the best! See the lovely dance in the video below!

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