Johnny Carson asked the audience if anyone could play the piano. This boy raised his hand, and his life changed forever.

Life is full of surprises, and an unexpected event changed David Tolley’s destiny. Something unexpected occurred on December 19, 1985, while watching Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show in the studio. Horatio Gutierrez, a classical pianist, was supposed to be the guest, but Carson said that he would be unable to perform due to a hand injury. Carson asked if anyone in the audience could play the piano with strange rhythms.

Tolley, who learned piano as a child, jumped straight in. He took the stage and began performing the hit musical Cats’ “Memory.” The audience gave him a standing ovation, and he became well-known for his unexpected performance. Tolley’s phone started ringing incessantly the day following the incident. He received phone calls offering movie roles, cruise ship positions, and other options.

His life had been forever altered by an unintentional encounter on a chat program in the late hours. The story of Tolley’s unexpected win serves as a warning to constantly be ready to take advantage of the opportunities and challenges that life brings.

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