Disney’s Gideon’s Bakehouse Pistachio Toffee Chocolate Cookies

These Gideon’s Bakehouse Pistachio Toffee Chocolate Cookies are directly from Disney’s magical kingdom, and they are delightfully exquisite. A large cookie foundation is packed with chocolate chips, salted pistachios, and chocolate toffee bits. While these three mix-ins may not appear to fit together at first glance, they are a perfect complement that you wish you had tried sooner.

There are many commonalities throughout Disney’s wonderful kingdoms, but Gideon’s Bakehouse is unique to the Orlando location. This bakery serves seasonal half-pound cookies, which apparently take almost a day to prepare. The flavor options change frequently throughout the year, but their Pistachio Toffee Chocolate Cookie is a staple.

I’ve never been to any of the Disney parks, but this bakehouse is enough to make me want to attend — but before I rush in and purchase tickets, I decided to try my hand at creating them myself, and I’m glad I did. This copycat recipe yields a delicious cookie that does not require a full day to prepare or bake. To make the cookie of my dreams, I used the cold-butter mixing method.

This maintains the cookie structure very firm and chewy. Using dark brown sugar instead of light brown sugar gives the cookie a richer caramel flavor.Make sure to thoroughly beat the wet ingredients; this increases aeration and ensures that the ingredients are completely mixed. Then I carefully incorporated all of the dry ingredients – very slowly! This recipe calls for a lot of flour, so I combined the dry ingredients together with a spatula before using the mixer.

While I advised to completely beat the liquid ingredients, don’t overmix the dry components into the cookie dough. That results in a rough cookie, which no one wants.Now comes the greatest part: the mix-ins. Instead of throwing all of the ingredients into the bowl, I kept a little amount of pistachios (both whole and chopped), chocolate chips, and toffee bits in separate bowls.

I folded the other ingredients into the dough to ensure that nothing broke apart too much. If you want the insane jumbo-size, divide your dough into about eight sections and roll them in your hands to ensure even shaping. To make the cookie dough more workable, divide it into twelve halves. What distinguishes Gideon’s Bakehouse cookies is their stunning visual appeal. When you look at the cookies, you can tell what flavor they are since the mix-in components are also on the top.

So I used the reserved mix-in ingredients and pressed them into the tops of each biscuit.The cookie dough did not need to be chilled because I used cold butter to make it. These cookies may go directly into the oven! And they only need ten to twelve minutes in the oven; do not overbake them, as all baked foods have some carryover cooking when they come out of the oven.

After cooling, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the outcomes (I was). The cookie is solid on the outside, yet slightly chewy and mushy on the interior. Pistachios lend a contrasting crunch to the soft liquid gooeyness of the melted chocolate chips, while toffee enhances the caramel and golden flavors of the cookie dough and adds a savory bite.

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