When your man stares at another lady, this is what he means.

Before I get farther into the ogling tendency, I want you to consider the following scenario: You’re having a fantastic time with your hubby in a cafe or restaurant. You laugh, drink, eat, and everything appears perfect. And then a woman enters the premises (or passes past your table), and you notice that your partner has raised his head to observe her from head to toe.

You suddenly feel overwhelmed, bewildered, insecure, and betrayed. You begin asking yourself questions such as: Does he believe she is more gorgeous and attractive than I am? Does he want to be with her? OMG, what if he has already been with another woman? Men can’t help but notice a lovely woman passing by. They can’t help but react in the manner they do, being drawn to women with specific attributes. It is in their nature.

It is very normal for men to glance at other ladies. It is also totally typical for women to experience a visceral, emotional reaction when they notice their partner staring. It’s natural to desire to know why men look the way they do and what that entails. Let me clarify. The phrase “the look” refers to his physical attraction towards her. When he saw her, a chemical reaction occurred in his brain.

Dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters were released, resulting in an involuntary surge of pleasure. Part of him wants her or wonders what it would be like to be with her in a perfectly innocent way. You might be attracted to your favorite TV personalities and wonder what it’s like… However, you would not act on it. In another reality in which he is unmarried and unattached, he may be interested in her as a sexual partner.

This does not imply that he thinks she is more attractive than you. He’s not attracted to you, He is not pleased with you or your relationship, You do not satisfy him, You are not attractive, thin, sexy, loving, affectionate, etc. enough for him, You should feel angry with him, envious of her, or insecure about yourself or your physique, He is unfaithful, or he is planning to cheat on you. Your relationship is doomed.

Simply simply, his appearance has nothing to do with you at all. The world is full of wonderful sights, from flowers and sunsets to magnificent works of art, but none are more beautiful than the feminine body. When your partner admires a painting or sculpture, it says nothing about you. Looking at another lady does not reduce his love for you.

When it is a problem. While it is natural for men to notice, admire, and even fantasize about other women, a mature and devoted guy will not cross that line of respect. Looking is one thing; staring is another, yet both can be painful, embarrassing, and offensive. As I’ve previously stated, I can’t help but react when I encounter an attractive woman. But after the moment is passed, I swiftly return my focus to the love of my life, the lady to whom I am completely devoted.

Red flags include blatant staring, inappropriate statements, groping, flirting, and (of course) chєαtíng. This type of behavior implies that a man is either too immature to control himself, or that he does not respect you (or women in general) or care enough about you to restrain his urges. This does not bode good for the future of your union.

How to handle your guy’s straying eye 1. Do not assume. When you find your partner glancing at another lady, don’t overthink it. Remember what it means and, more importantly, what it doesn’t. A gaze does not indicate betrayal. Remember that he loves you, cares for you, is dedicated to you, and remains attracted to you. He chooses to be with you over all the other ladies in his life.

2. Create realistic expectations. Holding our partner to unattainable standards creates a never-ending cycle of disappointment, bruised feelings, rage, and frustration. No one wins. We need to be honest about human nature and sexual desire. There are many gorgeous women in the world, and you aren’t the only one your guy finds appealing. Don’t expect him to ignore or glance at other ladies all of the time.

3. Tell him how you feel. When your partner’s wandering eye hurts your feelings or makes you feel inadequate, tell him. Practice Nonviolent Communication. Express your true feelings without criticizing, shame, or accusing him. 4. Create healthy limits. If your spouse is devoted to making your relationship work, he will cooperate with you in establishing some healthy limits.

He should not gaze too frequently, too long, or too prominently. He should make every effort to avoid making you (or other ladies) uncomfortable. Most importantly, he should make it plain to you, through his words and actions, that he still wants you, cares about you, is attracted to you, and is devoted to your relationship.

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