The five types of women men most often leave behind

1. rude Girls. When guys are with other guys, they all want something weak that needs to be cared for. Most guys want to be loved and cared for. That’s why guys break up with rude girls. It’s because they can’t give a man the care he needs that they are lonely.

2. Girl fights. Men want their partner to understand and feel sorry for them if they mess up. Girls should only tell guys they’re wrong when they are. Men don’t need a chosen one if they don’t see understanding and agreement.

3. Girls who aren’t feminine Many guys think that a woman’s beauty should come from her, not from the outside. This kind of girl doesn’t have to be pretty; she just needs to act like a girl. Because they don’t have that trait, a lot of guys go to girls who are really interested in them.

4. proud Girls. Men like girls who are busy with themselves because they need to be paid attention to all the time. A guy wants to know that a woman really likes and is interested in him. Men should be interested in them and learn more about them. This is why guys break up with cocky girls they don’t see love for.

5. Girls are like “gray mice” A woman should be smart and beautiful. An interesting girl will lose her charm and personality if she doesn’t have any. It doesn’t matter how deep and smart these women are; they only push away from themselves. And even the most feminine person can pull away from herself by being normal and boring.

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