My daughter calls her stepmother “Mom” instead of me. The real reason shocked me

A mother’s worst nightmare is seeing her child grow apart. That is the truth for Joy, whose teenage daughter is gradually requesting less time with mom. Joy took it upon herself to investigate, only to discover that her ex-husband and his wife were involved in this mess. She has turned to us for guidance, sharing her tale and asking for counsel.

Bright Side provides her advice. Communicate directly with your daughter. Sit down with your daughter in a calm, non-confrontational manner. Express your concerns about her recent behavior changes and the effect they’re having on your relationship.

Let her know that you love her completely and are always willing to listen without judgment. Encourage her to share her feelings and experiences at her father’s place, emphasizing that you are not attempting to pry, but rather to better understand her.

Instead of focusing primarily on the financial aspects of your daughter’s relationship with her father and stepmother, stress developing emotional strength in both you and your daughter.

Provide your daughter with emotional tools and coping strategies to help her negotiate complex relationships while also maintaining her sense of self-worth and identity in the face of external influences.

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