In 1972, almost 70% of homes had one, but today only 18% do.What is it?

Almost every house was packed forty to fifty years ago with items that have long since been forgotten. Things change throughout time, and some things just do not last. For example, in 1972, more than 70% of homes had one specific item, whereas today just 18% had one. Do you think you can guess what it is? Take a look at this list of primarily obsolete home products we compiled, and you’ll find the solution at the end (hint: it’s number 7).

One Household Needs, Now Nothing More Than ‘Old Things’ 1. Vintage wooden box televisionsThis is not a 4K Ultra Slim Smart TV. This is a 50kg television that was delivered to your grandfather’s house by two exceptionally muscular men. It featured just a few channels and could be controlled with a knob. There’s no remote.

2. A metallic ice tray. Ice trays come in a variety of styles and materials. But back there, there was a metal ice tray with the ice absolutely stuck to the bottom. To remove it, you’d need to give it a strong whack.

vintage ice tray

3. Film rolls. We live in the digital era. However, film rolls were the only way to extract images from cameras at the time. You wouldn’t know how the photograph turned out until at least a month later, when it was processed and printed by a studio.

A film roll.

4. Crochet bedspread. We may still have crackpots nowadays, but they certainly do not look like this. Wood trim crackpots should make a comeback. Something tells me that your grandmother’s chili recipe would taste even better in this situation.

A crotchet bedspread

6. Mercurochrome. This vial of medicine was used as immediate first aid for any scrapes or gashes that children sustained while playing. It was fully red and stung like crazy. However, there are far superior and less unpleasant disinfectants available now.

A bottle of mercurochrome.

7. Landline phones. Once upon a time, the only way to communicate with others was to dial their landline numbers. The phone was the family’s communal phone, thus anyone in the house could and would pick it up. It was entirely up to luck whether you were able to connect with the person you desired.

A vintage landline phone.

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