Husband ask wife how many men she had been with

A newlywed couple rests in bed, and the husband inquires about his wife’s previous romantic relationships. Despite his query, the woman stays silent, her gaze focused on the ceiling. Pressing the issue, the husband asks again, assuring her, “Just share it with me; it’s fine. “How many men have you been with?” Despite the silence, the wife’s gaze remains focused above.

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Realizing that his statements may have caused pain, the husband apologizes, stating, “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to disturb you. “I believed we could have an open and trusting relationship…” However, his wife continues to remain silent. Feeling defeated, the husband concedes, saying, “That’s fine; don’t be upset.” Despite his efforts to calm her, his wife remains unresponsive. Determined to overcome the distance, the spouse continues to hold her close, showering her with hugs and kisses to convey his affection.

In this moment of intimacy, the wife appears to break her quiet. She turns her gaze from the ceiling to her spouse, her countenance now frustrated. With a tinge of frustration, she says, “Oh, come on! “You have made me lose count!”

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