If you find a plastic bottle left on the hood of your car, you should know what it can mean.

Scammers are growing more cunning in their attempts to approach you and deceive you with their abilities. They target everyone, regardless of age or background, employing unusual methods such as envelopes in the car and other strange objects on the hood. Let’s look at your capacity to identify warning indicators and know what to do.The night is growing late. After parking in the supermarket lot, you lock your car and go shopping.

When you return, you notice that one of your windshield wipers has a shirt wrapped around it. If this happens to you, do not stop to remove the piece of clothes from your windshield. Instead, get in your car as soon as possible and drive away. Only stop and discard the garments once you’ve located a well-lit area, preferably with people nearby.

Criminals utilize a shirt or other large piece of cloth to divert attention away from lonely drivers, which is a relatively recent approach. They might surprise you while you’re doing this, and who knows what will happen. Opening your trunk while holding shopping bags puts you at danger of being robbed and slows your reaction time. Once you’re safe, place the bags in the car and organize them later.

When you return to your car, you may be even more surprised to find an envelope inside it. It was obviously locked, which is how someone managed to gain access. First and foremost, drive away immediately while maintaining core security. Then, it might be prudent to discard the package without opening it because, who knows, there might be something unpleasant inside.

Let’s say your curiosity won out and you opened it. A notification along the lines of “Dear Sir/Madam, we checked your vehicle’s security and found it inadequate. As you can see, your car is easy to break into. We want you to pay for this test, and in exchange, we will send someone to help you install a better security system.” Fortunately, they have not taken anything, so discard the mail and ignore the letter.

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If you give a scammer money, they will most likely try something worse or repeat their trick. If you’re unclear about your security system’s capabilities, the best course of action is to replace it or to inspect it yourself at a trustworthy car repair shop. If you have a water bottle on your car’s bonnet, you are in grave danger. It’s designed to divert your attention and drive you to quit the vehicle, similar to a piece of clothing on your wipers, but the situation is far worse.

Even if you decide not to walk outside and dispose of the bottle or any other extremely large and distracting object before driving home, you may be up for something terrible. Driving home puts you at risk of being followed by the people who placed the bottle on your car’s hood, since they may have installed a GPS tracker in your vehicle. You could either go to the nearest police station and ask them to do it for you, or you could choose a safe spot with a large number of people nearby and check your car for the tracker.

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