Disturbing Secrets People Discovered About Their Loved One

Discovering shocking truths about the people we care about can have a huge impact on our lives. From unreported identities to hidden histories, discovering surprising facts about our loved ones can permanently alter our relationships and influence our life decisions.

My husband died unexpectedly when our child was six. A year later, I discovered his records from when he was in a psychiatric facility for depression. In the notes, I uncovered a concerning detail: the therapist noted that my husband never addressed our daughter by name, but rather as “the child.”

According to the notes, my husband told the therapist that he would not mind if we divorced and I took full custody. It has been ten years, and I have not discussed it with my daughter, nor do I intend to.

Here’s another story. When I was afflicted with a hereditary ailment and began asking inquiries about my paternal grandmother’s parents, I discovered that she was adopted since she was born in a psychiatric hospital. She knows nothing about her biological mother.

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