4-Ingredient Olive Dip

You won’t believe how simple and tasty this dip recipe is until you try it yourself. When we think about dip, we usually associate it with upcoming parties. However, after tasting this olive dip, we wondered why we had to wait till then. When something this delicious is only a few ingredients away, any moment can be a good time.

Are you a fan of Olives? Before you respond, this dip will either introduce or remind you of why those small globes of goodness are so important to the Italians who cultivate them throughout the countryside. Olives have a distinct flavor that makes this dip unlike any other. There are numerous varieties to choose from, and you may surely pick your favorite, but this time we opted for a classic jar of green olives – and we had no regrets.

When considering how to make this dip, keep in mind that the only thing that has to be chopped is the olives. Everything else (a very short list of ingredients) just flows into a single bowl. Your pleasurable mission is simple: stir, serve, dip, eat, and repeat. Believe us when we tell that everyone will want seconds of this delicious dip, so make sure you have plenty of crackers on hand! So, what are you waiting for? Seize the day! You’re officially one dip away from pure pleasure.

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