Creamy Lemonade

There’s a reason Creamy Lemonade has suddenly gone viral: it’s the world’s most refreshing beverage converted into something more dessert-like, and what’s not to love? There’s more to appreciate, though: it only just two ingredients and a little stirring to enjoy, making it very simple to whip up on the go. (And once you try it, those whims will strike frequently, believe me.)

What about those two ingredients? Lemonade and sweetened condensed milk. That is it. Some recipes call for more sugar, but I think that the condensed milk provides enough sweetness. You’ll need a good amount of lemon juice – approximately five to eight lemons – and it’s lovely to add a sliced lemon as well.
Simply combine the lemon juice and sweetened condensed milk, pour over ice, top with water, and you’re ready to drink.

The end result is similar to a lemon meringue pie in terms of sweetness, tartness, and creamy consistency. It may sound like an unusual mix, but don’t dismiss it until you’ve tried it; it’s actually delicious!

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