A 4-chair turn for this amazing performance. Bless your ears, go to the link and enjoy this powerful VOICE!

This rising star from Texas chose one of the hardest songs for her blind auditions and amazed the coaches and us not only with her voice, but her special and unique performance.

We’ve all heard this song so many times that it’s really hard for artists to bring their own signature sauce to it, but this talent managed to nail it on the stage.
As John Legend put it, she did a lot of inventive and interesting things that personalized the song for her.

As Gwen mentioned, it’s not only about the vocal talent. Even though it is “The Voice”, there’s so much more to performing and being an individual on the stage.
Even Blake Shelton said that the last ten seconds of the performance could make even the dumbest person on the planet to hit that button and turn around.

So, go ahead and bless your ears and soul with this amazing performance of the well-known song.

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