Man fills claw machine with loo roll as…..Funny story in Australia

There are few rolls of toilet paper to be found on supermarket shelves – but with a bit of luck Aussies can win one in the arcade instead. A wave of panic has been set in motion as states force residents into new,

strict lockdowns. Australians have been stripping their local shop shelves bare of essential and sought after items – and in the Covid-19 pandemic, no item has been more desirable than loo paper.

One prankster in north Queensland decided to have a laugh by filling his ‘skill tester’ machine with dozens of precious rolls. It was very funny.Brenden Wright invited people to test their skill on the Toy Soldier machine,

which costs $2 to play and gives users three attempts to bag a bog roll. He told the Townsville Bulletin: ‘It started off as a joke between friends about toilet paper shortage.

‘They all think it’s hilarious and a great idea. You just have to look at the bright side of life during these uncertain times’. ‘As they say a day without laughter is a day wasted.’

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