88-Year-Old Father Reunites With His 53-Year-Old Son With Down Syndrome. Video

The heartbreaking video show the precious moment when the father is reunited with his son with Down syndrome a week after the separation.
Matt Cobrink, 53, travels to New York to meet Aaron Judge, the favorite baseball player of the New York Yankees.

He usually lives in Los Angeles with his 88-year-old father Malcolm. This trip was a great opportunity for Matt, so he left home to meet his favorite sports star.


However, this trip means that he will have to leave his beloved father for almost a week, it is the first time that father and son have separated in 25 years, because his mother has since died.

Matt’s sister, Marcy, was present when Matt returned and decided to record the time they met again, because she knew how much Matt missed his father.

In the video below, you can see Matt running down the escalator, making a sharp turn at the end and running into his father’s loving embrace. Their big hugs full of hugs and kisses show us how deep the love is between two people.

In a tense squeeze, once, his father joked that his son “needs to shave” because his stubble scratched his face.
His father asked his son: “Are you having fun?”, his answer was to shake hands.

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