Need a Travel-inspired Break? This Spot-the-difference Game Will Give You a Dose of Wanderlust

Now it’s easy to feel like the rest of the world is far away. At Travel + Leisure we know that for travelers like us, staying home is difficult. But when we find ourselves sitting on the couch wondering what to do next,

we discover that the rest of the world is much closer than it seems. In fact, this may be your opportunity to use technology to explore the places you’ve always dreamed of going.

Get lost in a virtual museum tour at the Louvre, get “outside” and explore a national park online, connect with zoo animals around the world, or even watch a Broadway musical. This is wonderful!!!

It’s also important to get a little exercise in during this time and make sure you’re keeping a steady work-life balance if you’re working from home as well.

But to give you a little mental stimulation and a much-needed dose of wanderlust and armchair tourism, we’ve created a fun spot-the-difference game for you to play.

This is a hard time for all people all over the world. Everyone want to travel, but it become very difficult.

Take a few minutes to get lost in these images searching for the difference while escaping from whatever is stressing you out. The original is on the left and the answer key is located at the bottom of this page.

And though we don’t know when we’ll be able to take our next trip to London or Paris or Sydney, you can count on T+L to be a source of inspiration through it all.

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