People Online Debate Why Grandparents Should Ask Permission to Kiss and Hug Their Grandkids

The relationship we have with our grandparents can be one of the purest and most rewarding relationships we have. However, letting our children kiss or hug them, even if they don’t want to, is not very acceptable!

A viral video from TikTok raised many questions on this topic, but also raised people’s consciences. Even the experts have something to say, children agree with their grandparents to hug and kiss.

This video raised awareness about children’s consent. Recently a mom from Australia posted a video on TikTok talking about how she teaches her 2-year-old daughter. Her video went viral on many different social media sites.

In it, she talks about how her daughter gets to choose if she wants to get hugs and kisses, even from her grandparents. But it’s very difficult for her and she finds it very unhelpful when other adults in her life question her decision,

and end up asking her, “What?! We have to ask for a kiss and a hug?” “As a parent, I practice consent with my daughter and something’s really been bothering me, so I thought, why not take it to TikTok so we can talk about it,” said the concerned mother in her viral video.

Well, babies may not be able to speak, but they have their own way of communicating with the world. In their early months, they got used to their parents or most of the people around them. However, when an unfamiliar face detects them, the baby may begin to cry and become fussy.

Also, they may appear scared and act as if they are hiding. You must give your children time to get to know you, once they get to know you they will give you a hug and a kiss. But forcing it is not enough, as if you are trying for love.

One expert says that actually, the entire topic is very simple. It’s just giving our children a choice to choose, on their own, who can touch their bodies. It’s about who, what, where, when… which is about the safety of our children.

Teaching consent at a young age is about helping kids understand that they have the right over their own bodies and that they should be confident about their wishes. Kids will be raised to feel safe in their bodies and respect them and others too.

But the thing that should be understood is that it’s not about the grandparents, aunties, uncles, or even parents, it’s about the child. Relatives should ask permission before touching. It’s possible to physically and verbally respect a “NO” without any shaming.

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