50 Moms Of Kids With Down Syndrome Do Moving Carpool Karaoke.

Fifty mothers of kids with Down Syndrome got together to do a heartwarming video to help raise awareness for children who are born with an extra chromosome.

The moms – who formed a group on Facebook called “Designer Genes” which is for parents with a child in Down Syndrome born in 2013/14. In their sweet video, the moms and their 4-year-olds carpool karaoke to Christina Perri’s song :

“A Thousand Years” and show the world why they “wouldn’t change a thing”. The moms sign along with the lyrics and their kids and it’s absolutely precious! The video was shot in the now popular “carpool karaoke” style.

And features the moms with their kids in the front seat of their respective family cars. The group got the idea for the video from a U.K. organization called Singing Hands, who’ve helped many of their members learn “Makaton.”

Makaton is a form of language designed to help hearing people with learning or communication difficulties. This form of communication uses signs, symbols, and speech to support children’s communication development.

The video aims to let the world know that these kids are just like any other youngster, they just happen to have an extra chromosome. Singer Christina Perri allowed the use of her song “A Thousand Years,”

and the group edited together clips of each mom and her children singing and using Makaton. The song is incredibly moving on its own — it’s about loving another person for a thousand years. As we know, a mother’s love is timeless and endless, so it’s a perfect fit.

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