5 Things That Women Do And Men Always Find Sexy

1. Goofing off every now and then. Men love it when women goof off: think and act in an out-of-the-box manner. It speaks of individuality and confidence. A recent study published in Sage Journals found non-conformists are more attractive than conformists.

Maybe it’s the risk-taking or maybe because it’s fun-loving or maybe because it communicates that a person doesn’t waste time giving a hoot about what other people think.

2. Drying your hair with a towel. A hair dryer leaves a lingering burnt scent, like a fragrance gone wrong, that doesn’t really scream “sexy.” Towel-drying circumvents the issue.

3. When a woman is comfortable with her body. If you still think that a beautiful woman must possess a waspish waist and chiseled hips, then it’s high time to laugh at this stereotype and forget about it!

There are plenty of examples of how charming soft-bodied, tender, chubby ladies can be – provided they can highlight their winning sides. To look attractive,

such a woman doesn’t need to wear tight jeans or dresses that are 2 sizes too small. Rather, her clothes must be in harmony with her body. Chubbiness is beautiful when not constrained by the demands of modern fashion.

4. Making the first move. One study that looked at behaviors in speed dating found that interest can be built through simple behaviors that indicate a woman is showing initial interest.

This applies not only to first dates or early dates, but also to other arenas of potentially budding romance—you know: the meet-cute at the coffee shop,

the run-in at the folk concert, the drink order sent (bourbon, neat) from the other side of the bar. A woman making the first move is irresistible.

5. Offering to shave his face. To quote a line from the TV show Community, after he receives his first straight-razor shave: “Why have I been shaving my own face this whole time?”

Receiving a shave from a significant other is akin to that, except it comes with more intimacy than a guy can get from a barber who may or may not have opened his shop before the New Deal was minted.

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