Bride Hears Her Late Grandad’s Voice During Wedding in

Your wedding is a big day! It’s one you’ve been planning for and dreaming of and can’t wait to experience! There’s a lot of preparation involved.

There are a lot of people to coordinate with because even though tying the knot is about you and your partner, it’s also really about all the people who were with you to get you where you are.

It’s the big ‘all day when you get to marry your best friend for the rest of your life in front of every person you love who’s helped you get to this moment.

Unfortunately, not everyone can. We think that on this special day, everyone we love and admire can be by our side, but unfortunately, some people have passed away and can only fall from the sky.

For Brittany Yost from West Virginia, the only thing missing in her important days is her loving grandfather Ronald Adkins. Ronald had a long and satisfying life, but he was 89 years old.

He was a reverend who was well known and well-loved and had officiated at Brittany’s sister wedding. Brittany was devastated when he passed, and she realized he wouldn’t be there to officiate her wedding. Or so she thought.

“Ever since we talked about getting engaged, or getting married or anything like that, it was known upfront who her grandfather was,

that’s who she would want to officiate the wedding,” says Jordan, her now-husband, knowing full well how important Ronald was to the entire family.

In the video, Brittany gets such a shocking surprise; she can’t help but break down. Everybody in the room from the family to the photographer was crying. While Brittany and Jordan are standing at the altar,

about to become husband and wife, the preacher asks the couple to bow their heads as a familiar voice comes on over the loudspeaker. Unbeknownst to the couple,

the family managed to splice together the old recording of Ronald’s speech from Brittany’s sister’s wedding to be used for theirs! All done as a surprise to remind them of her grandfather’s love and presence. It was a tear-jerker for everyone.

This moment just goes to show how important it is to have your loved ones around for your big day. Those who care for you will always go out of their way to make all your wishes come true and help give you the wedding you always dreamed of.

Click below to see just how heavy-hitting a moment like this was for Brittany!

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