Only people with an IQ over 120 find the word dog hiding in this crossword puzzle

The word “dog” is only three letters long, but in this challenging crossword puzzle, it’s difficult to find this word. Can you see it? Most of you have noticed that the letters which compose the word “dog” are the only ones you can see on this crossword puzzle!!!

But can you actually find the place where “dog” is spelled correctly? Take your time while looking at this puzzle, as you can see it is only composed of Ds, Os, and Gs, but is there the word “Dog” somewhere? The answer is yes! How long will it take you to find it?

Look at the letters for a minute. If you can find the word you’re looking for, you definitely have good eyes. We must admit it took us a while to find it, we really had to focus.

You can look for the word horizontally, vertically, and diagonally: DOG – very easy! Each letter can only appear once. And here’s the solution to the riddle:

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