These Twins Do Everything Together, Now They Want To Have A Baby With The Last Person You’d Ever Expect

Lucy and Anna CeCinque are identical twins who share something more than a similar look. They also have the same boyfriend. The 30-year-old sisters are rarely separated and share the same hairstyle, bed, smartphone, and diet. Lucy and Anna have also decided to date the same man.

Gaining notoriety on a Japanese prank show, the Australian duo was nicknamed the globe’s most identical twins after technology couldn’t tell the sisters apart. Official studies could provide insight into the genetics and traits of the twins, but they’ve chosen not to participate!!!

If the outcome showed any differences, it could be upsetting for the women. Born approximately one minute apart, the Mirror reported that the twins have spent close to $184,000 on surgeries in order to make them even more similar in appearance. Boyfriend Ben Byrne is a 32-year-old mechanic and fraternal twin.

Although Lucy and Anna have had separate relationships in the past, their previous boyfriends could never relate to their closeness. Living in the home of the twin’s mother, the threesome has enjoyed this unique dating relationship for close to four years.

The twins hope to experience motherhood in the future and share in the joy. Although they are not actively trying to conceive at the moment, the women told Australian current affairs about their plans for family planning in the future.

We hope to definitely make it happen in the future as we love kids, and they seem to like us in return. However, now is not the time. But if Lucy gets pregnant,

you can bet that Anna would do everything that she could to conceive, as the women’s bodies need to be in synch. They would even consider using IVF simultaneously in order to get pregnant if that’s what they have to do to have children.

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