Wholesome Couples Show You How To Make A Relationship Last More Than 50 Years. More stories here

1. This couple has been married for over 35 years, and his wife is in the final stages of young-onset early dementia. Her husband takes care of her full time even though there are some days when she doesn’t even remember his name.

Although it is very difficult to see her loved one forget who they are and their lives, she knows that she is safe with him. When they promised to be together in sickness and health, they really took it seriously. True love always persists even in difficult times!!!

2. After All These Years, He Is Still Obsessed With His Wife. Have you ever looked at your partner and thought, “Wow, could they be any more perfect? I have to capture this moment.”

That must have been what was going through this man’s head when he decided to take a candid photo of his wife. He just wants to remember all these golden moments with the love of his life,

and he doesn’t care who is watching. We would advise him to turn off the flash next time, but he had a small window of time to capture the photo without her noticing.

3. Nothing can stop you from helping your wife through chemotherapy. The past year has not been easy for most people in the world. Although the pandemic has separated many people from their families,

it also caused people to be away from their loved ones in the hospital, as this husband and wife. While his wife was in the hospital for her chemo treatments, he couldn’t physically be with her,

but that wasn’t going to stop him from showing his support. He made sure to sit outside her window for every treatment so he could support his wife at a safe distance.

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