What A Mane! Little Boy Causes A Stir Wherever He Goes As People Can’t Believe How Much Hair He Has

Due to his unusual head of hair, a young infant continues to make waves on Instagram. Boston, who is four months old, has such unusual hair that people are often taken aback when they see him. Tara, the boy’s mother, frequently shared gorgeous images of him on social media, and the cutie with the huge hair quickly became an internet phenomenon!

Aside from being long, Boston’s hair also stands up on the end, giving him a genuinely exciting and rockstar image. Tara told AU News about the attention her family was getting as a result of her son’s unusual hair. Boston, she added, is always causing a commotion whenever they take him out in public!!

Hairy baby causes a stir wherever he goes thanks to huge mop that stops people in their tracks

Mostly people are in complete shock because he’s so little, they can’t believe the hair is his. But it is. He also got that type of attention on social media as followers and fans would often express their disbelief over Boston’s hair.

Instagram: Four-month-old baby has incredible hair | Photo | news.com.au — Australia's leading news site

It’s pretty clear to see how amazed people are based on the reactions that often followed the boy’s photos. @Studio__mom said while commenting on a recent picture of Boston:

Baby's huge hair causes 'stir' | South Burnett Times

So jealous of that head of hair. Tara said that her son had always had an impressive head of hair since he was born in December 2018. While announcing Boston’s birth, the mom said it was a trait that he shared with his father.

Hairy Baby | Others

Tara, who ran a fitness program called Jungle Body, often shared pictures of Boston and his older brother who has pretty fascinating hair as well. The Instagram page has now garnered more than 9000 followers, many of whom are major fans of Boston and his locks.

We can certainly see why people just cannot get enough of this family, especially the cute kids. With his charming smile, chubby cheeks, and big hair, Boston is an Instagram star indeed.

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