Baby Girl Wows With Her Adorable Dance Moves. It’s Impossible Not To Laugh

Sadie Raye, who is only one year old, is already a dance prodigy. Kaylan Theon, Sadie’s mother, couldn’t help herself one day and had to capture her daughter’s movements on camera, which was later aired on Good Morning America!

When they hear music, some people can’t help but get up and dance, and Sadie is certainly one of them. When music is played, however, it is a universal reality that most babies are prone to spontaneous dancing outbursts. It’s impossible not to be moved by seeing babies dance. They are never shy and enjoy being in front of a crowd.

This unfiltered joy is truly contagious which is why it is so fun to watch little Sadie shake her hips. She is even prone to throw in a little spin. All these dances come straight from her mom’s Instagram page, where you can see even more of adorable baby Sadie Raye.

The video opens with Sadie wearing an adorable purple snowman onesie dancing to MC Hammer’s classic song “Too Legit to Quit.” In the next montage, Sadie is dancing to Gary Numan’s “Cars” while wearing a purple sleeper covered in elephants.

Then comes Sadie wearing a precious animal print dress dancing to “Be My Lover” by La Bouche. For the last clip, Sadie goes back in time to dance to the 1960s classic “Please Mr. Postman” by the Marvelettes.

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