OMG!!! Woman Comes In For A Haircut And Makeup, But Is Flabbergasted When Stylist Gives Her A Blonde Pixie Cut

Many ladies have the sensation of getting up in the morning and being tired with their same old appearance. Trying something new instead of sticking to the same cosmetic routine can be exciting and motivating!

Some ladies, like Mary, who felt frumpy, choose for a complete makeover. Mary chose to surprise her husband with a whole makeover on their 27th wedding anniversary…

Mary, like many other ladies her age, was in desperate need of a new look. She began her search for makeovers online, intending to acquire nothing more than a haircut or new hairstyle, as well as some make-up advice for her daily routine.

She found MakeoverGuy, as Christopher Hopkins is typically known, and made an appointment. She had no idea that she would go into his studio as one person, and leave us a new one!

He opened the Christopher Hopkins salon in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1990, and has developed quite a name for himself since. His customers appreciate the variety of services he offers them, and his ability to read and interpret their requests.

Some clients come in for basic haircuts and color, make-up, and waxing; however, many choose to have complete makeovers. Hopkins offers a variety of packages for makeovers, each of which includes a tutorial so that the client can repeat the look on her own.

Customers also come to Christopher for his teaching services on topics like how to dress for your body type, how to carry yourself, or how to speak impactfully.

Countless clients cite Christopher as a life-changing force in their lives. Previous clients Pam and Ann can’t say enough about Christopher’s abilities to not only revamp their looks but to boost their confidence and make them feel super important for a fun day. Mary found great recommendations for MakeoverGuy and was thrilled to get started!

Twenty years of the same haircut, with the same brand and color of hair dye, left Mary feeling frumpy and unenthusiastic about her looks. She and Christopher watched the transformation in the mirror as he chopped inches off her hair, making it shorter and shorter – as her reflection got better and better! After the final reveal of her haircut, Mary was shocked at what she saw!

She never would have imagined that a platinum blonde pixie cut was her look; luckily, Christopher knew that it was a risk worth taking! He must have even known that Mary’s husband had been asking to see her with short hair for a long time, each request having been met with an excuse from Mary.

The makeover was only the start! Take a look at the video below to see how happy Mary was with her new look. This anniversary gift will undoubtedly brighten her husband’s day, but as is frequently the case in life, good things can snowball!

“I’m very sorry I wasn’t here a long time ago,” Mary says in the video. “I’ve been looking frumpy for so long.” This video is a reminder to engage with all the positive opportunities that are around us,

and to remind our friends to do what Mary did! Surely, Mary and her husband will both relish in the joy of her newfound confidence, and find new ways to keep improving aspects of their lives.

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