7-Year-Old Boy Wanted To call 911 To Help His Diabetic Dad, But The Phone was Locked. Then He Had An Amazing Decision

A person does not realize how frightening it is to be in an emergency scenario until they are in one. Cameron, a 7-year-old boy from South Carolina, witnessed his father suffer from a diabetic episode and collapse at his home. Cameron stated that he attempted to phone 911 first.

However, his father’s phone was locked, and he didn’t know how to unlock it. The small boy then went to his neighbors, but no one was home, so he got on his bicycle and rode in search of assistance. Sutherland, Keller

a first-grade teacher was driving down Highway 25 when she noticed Cameron pedaling hard down the highway. As soon as Keller got closer to Cameron, she was able to recognize him as a former student.

With Keller’s help, Cameron was able to get home safely and contact first responders to attend to his unconscious father. After the event, Keller praised Cameron and called him a hero!

She had referred to him as the “bravest little boy” she had ever met.Because of his heroic act, Cameron was even rewarded with a brand new bike. Watch Cameron’s story of bravery in the video below.

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