Why This 4-Yr-Old Calls Police?

It’s not unusual for police dispatchers to hear all sorts of strange things when people call them for help, but an emergency services operator couldn’t help but chuckle over a request she received recently. A 4-year-old boy in New Zealand slipped away from his caretaker and dialed 111, their version of 911.

He asks gently, “Police lady?” “I’ve brought you some toys!” Come over and take a look at them!” After checking with the adult at home that there was no true emergency, the helpful 111 operators contacted any cops in the vicinity who might be able to pay a visit.

police officer sitting on police car giving thumbs up next to little boy with arms raised

Kurt, a police officer from the Southern District, volunteered. He confirmed that after he arrived, “Wow, he has some wonderful gadgets!” Constable Kurt then demonstrated his car’s lights and siren, posed for a cute photo, and told the child that 111 should only be used in an emergency.

New Zealand Police shared audio from the call on their Facebook page, and it’s just plain adorable! The little boy’s voice is too precious, and we’re so glad these civil servants took time out of their busy days to show some love to a child.

Check out the hilarious call in the video below, and be sure to share this story to brighten someone’s day.

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