Concerned mamma deer rushes out of the wood to offer her help  hearing the newborn baby’s cry

In a touching footage, a mother is trying to calm down her crying newborn baby, when noticed a mother deer running to their direction, apparently, to offer her help!

The video had more than 27 million viewers. Babies can cry for different reasons. Sometimes, even their mothers  can not understand why they are crying and how to comfort them.

Recently, Hanna Burton, Charlie’s mother, had to come across to such a case, when she became a witness of an extraordinary scene. The caring mother was with her newborn baby on the deck of her house, when Charlie all of a sudden began to cry.

Mom started to comfort her, when she noticed an unexpected guest appearing from nowhere. It was a mother deer, who came out from the bushes, apparently, hearing the cry of the baby. She rushed to Hanna’s and Charlie’s direction.

Surprised woman understood the mother deer’s maternal feelings and showed that everything is ok. She started to sing for her baby, trying to calm down him, meanwhile explaining to him, that the wild animal thinks Charlie is her baby.

Hanna managed to catch the heartwarming moment on camera, sharing it immediately online. Not every day you can encounter such a touching scene.

But Hanna received not only positive comments, but critics, as well. Then she explained that Charlie was not left alone, she has been in her beloved son’s side all the time and Charlie was in a blanket, in a safe place warmly sleeping.

Deers are so caring and protective animals, they are always ready to rush to rescue the helpless little creatures.

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