Watch this funny Video here. A woman and dog are enjoying a ride. When the music starts, neither can hold back

How often do you ride in cars and trucks, turn on your favorite radio terminal, and sing along to music? I admit that I like to do this, and I bet if you don’t, then you will meet the people who do.

Annie also likes to sing out loud to her favorite tune, and she has a partner who loves doing an unscripted duet with her in the back seat.
In this hilarious video clip, when Annie’s car owner reached out and turned on the radio,

Charlotte’s guard Lola fell asleep pushing the back of Annie’s car. The song “We Are the Champions” from Queens started playing, and Lola didn’t care at first. Annie began to sing, and Lola soon woke up and added her voice to the performance.

Lola raised her head, pointed her mouth to the sky, and let go of her hand with the unquestionable “Arroooo!” Canine behavior experts say that the dog will howl to the music under the influence of another pet dog being wrongly contacting us.

Another concept is that wolves howl to celebrate their group unity, so maybe dogs will do the same. But the most convincing concept seems to be that in this case, Lola actually found that Annie liked it when they sang together, so she continued to do so.

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