Can You Spot 6 Differences in this picture?

For this test, you will need your vision and your logic to get the questions right. Come on! How are your eyes feeling strong today? How is your MIND feeling logical?

This vision test is putting even the smartest and most eagle-eyed puzzlers in a frenzy. Some challenges are sure to play with that mind of yours and this one happens to do just that. We are now putting forward that very same quiz in front of our viewers to see how far they can go. Good luck!!! Remember, it’s all about getting that timing right and if you focus hard, we promise you’ll succeed! Good luck!

You’ll need both to get our vision test right, which will ask you to identify the differences in the image we’re about to show you. Check the answers at the end to see if it matches what you found! It’s answer time! Do you think you’ve managed to score all the way? Well, let’s see how well you’ve done in this one!

Difference number one is the tower’s flag! Difference number two is the tower’s window. Difference number three is the lines on the roof of the tower. Difference number four is different colored brick on the tower in the extreme right. Last but not least, the difference number five is the grass/leaves in the second picture.

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