The Groom Decided ToChange Shirts Before Daddy-Daughter Dance—When He Turns Around, His Bride’s in Tears!

Every bride dreams of her wedding day. It was no different for Shannon Perez. When she met her now-husband Don, she knew he was the one her heart was made for, and she found her forever family in him and his two sons.

Shannon’s father was diagnosed with cancer shortly after they became engaged and began arranging their wedding. Her fantasies of doing the traditional father-daughter dance and having the first man she’d ever loved escort her down the aisle faded swiftly.

Sweetest Father Daughter Wedding Dance Tribute - YouTube

Shannon’s father died before Shannon and Don married. You can only imagine how happy she was on her wedding day. But it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Don had planned a surprise for his bride that would be memorable for everyone, as well as honoring the man who couldn’t be present on her big day.

Become A Contributor. With the help of his two sons, Don recreated the father-daughter dance into a memory Shannon will never forget. The trio choreographed a routine for the beautiful bride before her new husband paid tribute to her dad!

Groom Pays Tribute to Bride's Late Father in the Sweetest Way

Handwritten cards and a T-Shirt that read “Will You Dance With Me” across the back was only the beginning. When Don turned around to reveal what was on the front of his shirt—not a dry eye could be found.

Pass the tissues and watch this beautiful father-daughter-groom dance unfold. You won’t regret it.

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