Can you find the difference?

We are back with another tricky puzzle that’s proving to be a struggle for so many people! Today’s challenge is all about testing your observation skills and we hope you’ll do a great job at just that. Remember, focus hard because that’s what you’ll need to succeed!

Let’s see what today’s riddle brings forward for our viewers. Happy solving! This vision test is putting even the smartest and most eagle-eyed puzzlers in a frenzy. Some challenges are sure to play with that mind of yours and this one happens to do just that.

We are now putting forward that very same quiz in front of our viewers to see how far they can go. Good luck!!! Remember, it’s all about getting that timing right and if you focus hard, we promise you’ll succeed! Good luck!

We wouldn’t call this riddle challenging but it’s definitely one of those that require due concentration and stellar vision with intricate focus on detail too. If you happen to take pride in yourself for possessing all of those qualities, then why don’t you give it your best shot and see how well you stand when compared to others in the room.

The right answer is the holly leaves on the ground. The second picture has a smaller holly than the first one.

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