Did you manage to spot the cheeky chip-stealing seagull in this cloud scene?

These can be the tasks for you if you think you’re good at identifying little details. A small bird is hidden in this cloud scene with planes, kites, and clouds. In less than 60 seconds, over three-quarters of people (73%) couldn’t find it…

Centered around British summer holiday situations, each brain teaser features an out-of-place item that needs to be spotted, but how long will it take you to find them? You’ll have to be quick to solve these puzzles by GalaBingo.com, as three-quarters of people could not solve all three in under a minute.

The first scene sees if you can find a little seagull hidden in the clouds. Meanwhile, the second asks you to find the donkey in a pool, with the third challenging you to spot the ice cream on the beach. Good luck.

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