This Son builds aging father a tiny home to keep him close. Look inside, this is wonderful one!

I bet it is also your dream to retire in a comfortable cozy home surrounded by nature. For a 68-year-old father in Florida named Mike Wynne, to spend his days in a relaxing cabin in the woods is not only a dream but a reality!

The tiny but cozy cabin he now calls home was designed and built by his thoughtful and innovative son, Josh Wynne. The ‘Mike’s Hammock,’ or the tiny but cozy cabin, was conceptualized by Josh when he realized that his father is getting older and will need more assistance in the future.

Hence, Josh designed a tiny but functional one-room home that is customized to meet the needs of his father. He has decided to build his father’s new home, Mike’s Hammock, inside his property in Florida, to keep his beloved father close to him, and at the same time let him live independently.

Mike’s new home may only be a 604-square-feet cabin, yet it has everything that he needs. Specially designed for handicap accessibility, in a way that Mike can move around it with ease, even if he is by himself.

Wheelchairs and walkers can be accommodated in the little home because it is roomy and well-equipped. Mike will be most comfortable in the bathroom, which offers a shower with a fold-down seat and grabs bar. Furthermore, all of the cabinets are reachable from a lower vantage point. What makes the tiny house even more incredible is how Josh designed it to be handicapped-friendly as well as environmentally friendly.

Local and recyclable resources were used to construct the lovely home. In fact, the entire construction of his father’s new home created less than one dumpster of trash!

Josh was also mindful about leaving a low-energy footprint. Josh designed the cabin to be propped above its foundation. Also, in exchange of the trees that he needed to cut, he planted three trees in place.

He also installed a customized central cooling and heating system that will reduce energy consumption. In fact, even on summer and hot days, the energy consumed only costs around $25 a month! Truly, the cozy cabin built for Mike is not only functional but stylish as well. To create the illusion of a spacious place, Josh chose to fill the home with large windows and open lighting.

This way, Mike can enjoy the scenic view and watch some animals loitering in the woods. Mike’s new home, Mike’s Hammock, is not only boasting of its aesthetic beauty and eco-friendly design.

Knowing that this tiny but cozy cabin was built out of a son’s thoughtfulness and concern for his father, surely makes this home full of warmth and love. Watch the video below and see the breath-taking beauty of Mike’s Hammock, serving as Josh’s testament of love for his father, Mike.

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