Can You spot This Man’s Dog In 15 Seconds?

It’s time to help a confused dog owner find his puppy so that he can take the animal for a walk. Dogs are truly our best friends, and many of us couldn’t imagine our lives without our adorable companions by our side. Today, you’ll be putting your eyes to good use by helping a dog owner find his mischievous doggie.

In the image below, the dog is hiding somewhere. Let’s see how fast you can figure it out! The dog is obviously too sluggish to go for a walk, as it is hidden somewhere in the shot. But where are you going?

The image depicts a brightly colored living room with a variety of furniture, toys, books, and other household items. While there are dog-like shapes on the background curtain, remember that your objective is to find an actual dog!!!

Take another look and give it your best shot before scrolling down for the answer. Have you found the hidden pooch yet? It’s definitely somewhere in there, but only the most observant people can notice it thanks to its camouflage.

Here’s a big hint for you. The dog is yellow and it blends in perfectly with that big carpet in the center of the room! If you still can’t find it, scroll down to see its hiding spot.

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