After cutting the tips and styling, she turned into a real elegant beauty. Here is how she looks withouth Dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks are very popular among the younger generation today. It is not surprising, because such a hairstyle looks very unusual, which allows you to distinguish yourself from the “gray” mass.

In addition, it is extremely convenient to care for. However, dreadlocks also have a drawback, namely that if you get bored with them, it will not be so easy to get rid of them without being left with a bald head!

However, if you want to, it is quite possible, and now you will see it. The main character of this story is Belle Cowmann. The girl walked with dreadlocks for three years, after which she decided to change her image. At first, she thought she would have to say goodbye to her hair, but then decided to try to unravel them.

It took the girl about an hour to untangle one dreadlock. In total, she and her assistants spent five days. It was difficult and a little painful, but in the end Belle got her hair back. The girl decided to call her relatives to help — her mother and grandmother. In three pairs of hands, the work went much faster and more fun.

A pair of metal combs, a nice moisturizer, a hair mask, and plain water were all that was required. Belle began by applying a care product to each strand, then waiting until the dreadlock was somewhat moist and soft before gently combing it. As a result, all of the curls were unraveled one by one.

The girl’s hair was collected in a large clump during the surgery, but don’t be alarmed. After all, we lose a portion of our hair every day, and “d.ead” hairs in dreadlocks merely accumulate inside them.

Bell is no longer recognizable. She was transformed into an attractive beauty after cutting the tips and arranging her hair. Her hair hasn’t changed much in terms of quality. Her tresses Her curls are the same as before the day she decided to braid dreadlocks.

Bell’s experience shows that dreadlocks are not as scary as many people think. If they were made by an experienced master, it would not be so difficult to unravel them, there would be time and desire.

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