Watch!! This Blind grandma who thought she was receiving birthday flowers ends up holding her grandson for the first time.

For any grandparent, meeting a grandchild for the first time is a moment they never forget. It’s a time that brings about feelings of joy and excitement, and that’s exactly what this grandma felt when she met her grandson!

The child’s father chose to debut his newborn on Grandma’s birthday to make the moment even more special. And, most of all, she was completely unaware of what was going on. Because Grandma is blind, her son was able to fool her into thinking he was giving her flowers for her birthday. But it was her adorable grandchild that he really had in mind for her!

When grandma finally realized what she had in her arms, she immediately broke down in tears. It was instant love, and she held on to the baby tightly. Although they had just met, the baby boy already had a huge piece of her heart! Witness their unforgettable meeting in the video below.


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