This Woman left everything and went to marry the Maasai . Look How they live now after 14 years

Many years ago, the girl Corinna from Switzerland was vacationing with her boyfriend in Kenya, but there, in another country, her heart was conquered by a Maasai warrior and her life changed dramatically.

At the age of 27, she had a boutique of stylish clothes, she lived in prosperity, she had a personal life and it was getting to the wedding. But Corinna was not happy with her life, the fact that she earned more than the groom, she was very d.epressed.

And a meeting with a man completely unlike other men she knew excited her very much: “This Maasai has firmly captured my thoughts. I couldn’t eat.” The Maasai are the last uncivilized people in Kenya, and the government has a lot of problems with them.

Corinne, on the other hand, didn’t seem to mind when people laughed at her in Nairobi or at the white hotel, or when the female employees in the visa extension department twisted her temple. Her new chosen one lived in a hut soiled with cow dung and had nothing but a loincloth and a couple of goats behind his soul!

And then it’s not easier — malaria, pregnancy, working in your own grocery store, and disappointment. The differences in mentality became so obvious, Lketingi became very jealous of his wife, and Corinna made an important decision in life – to run away with her daughter to Switzerland.

She left several letters to her loved ones, deceived her husband, and flew away. She returned there 14 years later, when her daughter Napirai became an adult, before that she was afraid to visit the country because Lketinga could forbid Napirai to return back.

Her ex-African husband had a hard time surviving her escape — he was expelled from the warriors and he began to drink a lot. Now Corinna lives in Switzerland and paints pictures. And Lketinga has another family and several offspring for a long time.

In the photo, he appears to be depressed. Divorces are frowned upon in his community, and his wife’s disappearance has harmed his reputation. Corinna Hofmann published “The White Maasai,” an autobiographical novel about her experiences in Africa and afterward. Corinne, on the other hand, is no longer alone. She has been uploading images of herself traveling with a man her age on her official social media website for a long time.

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